AE Security Systems supply & install the most advanced home alarm systems on the market. We have the ability and experience to install wired and wireless systems with minimum disruption to you and your property.

We are a division of Active Electric with a dedicated team that install and maintain hundreds of intruder alarms for domestic and commercial properties each year. Our staff specialise in new installations, upgrades and maintenance of new and existing alarm systems.

With a home alarm from AE Security Systems you are guaranteed to have a well fitted and maintained house alarm and are less likely and less vulnerable to a burglary in your home keeping you, your family and your valuables safe.

Home Alarm Systems


With this alarm pack you get:

  • Wall mounted alarm panel
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • 1 front door shock sensor
  • 1 back door shock sensor
  • 1 Digi-Wifi communicator
  • Alarm box fitted to the exterior of your house
  • Installation fee included
  • Free Mobile App down load

  • Remote access via cloud*
    *cloud access fees apply
Wireless Alarm System €649

Product Information

Protect your home from intruders with our wireless home alarm with 2 way wireless technology which redefines the security market with a combination of reliability and performance, with each device on the system being a transmitter and a receiver.

Our intruder alarms deliver the convenience and ease of installation of a wireless system without compromising on the reliability or security benefits of a wired system. All of its sensors are wireless which means no wires to be installed around your home and no mess and noisy installations.

The wireless pack comes with both shock sensors, for your doors and windows as well as motion sensors (PIRS) for the inside of your home. This way you know your home is fully protected, inside and out. Additional devices either motion detectors or window devices @ €60 each.

Self Monitoring

With self monitoring, via the app, you control your system with your phone. The mobile app gives you remote access from anywhere allowing you to arm & disarm the system, get push notifications when events occur, receive customised notifications and check the status of individual sensors.

The cost of self monitoring App is €84 per annum. It includes costs to access cloud platform and notifications to your mobile devices.

Central Monitoring

With a Central monitored Alarm system your alarm system is connected to our central monitoring station (ARC) and is working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Should your alarm activate, a signal is received in the monitoring centre.

The controller will then alert you or a designated key holder and will either verify the alarm and send emergency services or confirm a false activation and cancel the alarm. This service requires an annual subscription for the service @ €220 per year.


With a pre-wired alarm pack you get:

  • Wall mounted alarm panel & key pad
  • 1 Motion Sensor

  • Contacts on up to 8 window/ door openings
  • 1 Digi-Wifi communicator

  • Alarm box fitted to the exterior of your house
  • Installation fee included
  • Free Mobile App download

  • Remote access via cloud*
    *cloud access fees apply
  • Self monitoring via cloud & App @ €84 per year

  • Centrally monitored alarm @ €220 per year
Pre-Wired Alarm System €499

Additional devices can be added to the system if requested. Motion sensors extra wired PIR detectors @ €40, additional door or window contacts @ €20 each.

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